Thursday, 14 June 2007

Hamilton to keep Montreal trophy

In a further twist over the row about Mclaren favouritism it has emerged that Lewis Hamilton will become the first Mclaren driver to keep an original trophy following his maiden win at Montreal last week.

As part of a Mclaren tradition that even the likes of Senna and Prost had to adhere to, drivers are contractually obliged to give up their podium trophies so that the originals can be displayed at the Mclaren Technology Centre.

But after the Canadian Grand Prix Ron Dennis hinted that Hamilton would not be asked to relinquish his winner’s cup. [Continued…]

“That wouldn’t be right, would it?” Dennis said with a smile to the German broadcaster Premiere.

The historic trophy, marking Hamilton’s first career win, will be one of only two missing from Mclaren’s infamous display cabinet at Woking.

The only other piece of silver wear to escape the clutches of Ron Dennis is the 1989 constructors trophy that was awarded to him at the Italian Grand Prix following Alain Prost’s victory.

At the podium ceremony Dennis, angered by comments Prost had made earlier in the weekend accusing Mclaren of favouring Senna, tossed the cup down at Prost’s feet in disgust. After which the Frenchman, at the bequest of a chanting tifosi, lowered the cup into the crowds.

Someone ran off with the trophy and it has never been seen since.


FreshF1 said...

good trivia!

F1 Voice said...

Thanks - can you imagine how much that 1989 trophy is worth. Someone somewhere is sitting on a gold mine. Though legally it is probably still the property of Ron Dennis'.

Anonymous said...

So Hamilton got to change the rules by being the first ever McLaren Driver to keep the trophy as well as the first McLaren driver to be allowed his own sponsorship deals.
Preferential treatment for Hamilton? Sure sounds like it to me...