Friday, 29 June 2007

Ferrari close the gap

It looks as though Ferrari are back in the hunt. Fantastic. If the 2007 season needs anything it’s a renewed fight for the constructors title.

Mclaren have been dominating for too many races. Regardless of whether or not they have been using team-orders we have certainly been robbed of a duel – both tactical and on-track – between the red and silver cars.

Ferrari seem to be sporting just about a new everything at France: new front and rear wings, new bodywork and new airbox. And it seems to be paying dividends if Friday’s practice times are anything to go by.

The team’s three tenth-of-a-second advantage over Mclaren by no means indicates a Ferrari revival. Indeed, both Raikkonen and Massa, I’m informed set their quick times on new rubber suggesting that Mclaren (who didn’t) might have some time in the bag. But it is certainly a massive improvement if you think where they were at Indianapolis.

And how about those Torro Rossos? Glory hunting on qualifying fuel levels or legitimate pace from their new seamless shift gear box? A little of both I suspect.

But a strong showing in practice from David Coulthard suggests that the Adrian Newey designed cars are generally well suited to the super smooth characteristics of Magny-Cours.

It seems that Torro Rossos practice pace has yet to radically influence the betting market (see HERE) with at least one bookmaker offering odds of 25/1 on Luizzi scoring a points finish.

It’s Mclaren who are favourites to take the win at France. Once again the F1 community will be asking which one. Can Hamilton make it a hat-trick or is it his time for a mistake?

Practice Session 2

1. MASSA Ferrari 1m15.453s
2. RAIKKONEN Ferrari 1m15.488s
3. SPEED Toro Rosso 1m15.773s
4. HAMILTON McLaren 1m15.780s
5. LIUZZI Toro Rosso 1m15.952s
6. COULTHARD Red Bull 1m15.958s
7. ROSBERG Williams 1m16.003s
8. ALONSO McLaren 1m16.049s
9. DAVIDSON Super Aguri 1m16.162s
10. SCHUMACHER Toyota 1m16.184s
11. FISICHELLA Renault 1m16.205s
12. KUBICA BMW 1m16.236s
13. WURZ Williams 1m16.260s
14. TRULLI Toyota 1m16.285s
15. BUTTON Honda 1m16.395s
16. WEBBER Red Bull 1m16.562s
17. KOVALAINEN Renault 1m16.735s
18. BARRICHELLO Honda 1m16.950s
19. HEIDFELD BMW 1m16.968s
20. SATO Super Aguri 1m17.165s
21. SUTIL Spyker 1m18.213s
22. ALBERS Spyker 1m18.708s

Practice session 1:

1. RAIKKONEN Ferrari 1m15.392s
2. MASSA Ferrari 1m15.447s
3. ALONSO Mclaren 1m16.154s
4. ROSBERG Williams 1m16.214s
5. COULTHARD Red Bull 1m16.268s
6. HAMILTON McLaren 1m16.277s
7. HEIDFELD BMW 1m16.388s
8. WURZ Williams 1m16.407s
9. KUBICA BMW 1m16.441s
10. TRULLI Toyota 1m16.603s
11. LIUZZI Toro Rosso 1m16.895s
12. SATO Super Aguri 1m16.967s
13. BARRICHELLO Honda 1m16.990s
14. BUTTON Honda 1m17.047s
15. SPEED Toro Rosso 1m17.103s
16. DAVIDSON Super Aguri 1m17.166s
17. SCHUMACHER Toyota 1m17.168s
18. FISICHELLA Renault 1m17.226s
19. KOVALAINEN Renault 1m17.348s
20. WEBBER Red Bull 1m17.435s
21. ALBERS Spyker 1m18.178s
22. SUTIL Spyker 1m18.419s

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