Saturday, 18 August 2007

Sillyseason: 2008 Line-Up

There is a definite lull in the F1 world at the moment as the paddock takes it’s annual respite. If anyone needs a break it’s going to be Ron Dennis. He really did look dreadful at Hungary and it was clear the Hamilton-Alonso row was taking its toll.

While Mclaren are recovering from the events of Hungary, or at least preparing themselves for their appeal hearing - now confirmed for the 19th September - I thought I’d take the opportunity to have a stab at next year’s driver line up.

My sillyseaon predictions:

Hamilton (STAYS)
Alonso (OUT); Heidfeld (IN)

Raikkonen (STAYS)
Massa (STAYS)

BMW Sauber
Heidfeld (OUT); Rosberg (IN)
Kubica (STAYS)

Fissichella (OUT); Piquet Jnr (IN)
Kovalainen (OUT); Alonso (IN)

Red Bull Racing
Coulthard (STAYS; replaced by Vettel half way through the season)
Webber (STAYS)

Rosberg (OUT); Sutil (IN)
Wurz (OUT); Karthikeyan (IN)

Trulli (STAYS)
Schumacher (STAYS)

Button (STAYS)
Barrichello (STAYS)

Torro Rosso
Vettel (STAYS)
Luizzi (OUT); Bourdais (IN)

Super Aguri
Davidson (STAYS)
Sato (STAYS)

Goes into liquidation

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Forrest Gump said...

The season is well on the way and things are starting to change. You might be right about few things, You might be wrong about a few things.