Monday, 9 July 2007

Silverstone 2007

I apologise for the lack of activity on this blog lately. A broken monitor on my laptop (which still isn't sorted out) and a new job among other things have prevented me from updating as much as I would like. In addition, this weekend I made my first visit to Silverstone, a trip that I didn't know that I was making untill a rude awakening at 6.16am on Saturday morning. I hope to do a write up of the race once I have seen the television coverage. In the meantime here is some outrageously bad camera work with the inevitable Hamilton bias that readers of this blog have come to know, love and expect. The videos were shot using a digitial camera's frame-grab rather than a video recorder hence the less than standard quality.

Saturday Practice: Hamilton and a Ferrari

Saturday Practice: Hamilton (Watch out for Bernie in the crowds)

End of Qualifying: waiting for Lewis Hamilton's super slow glory lap

End of Qualifying: Finally he arrives

Hamiltons lap to starting grid

Lap 1 - Hamilton Leads

Race Ends - Raikkonen's Glory Lap

Pictures to follow shortly.


Keith said...

I notice that picture's taken from the Bridge grandstand - were you sat there during the race? I was!

F1 Voice said...


Small world - Yes we were towards the end of the Bridge grandstand for most of the races. The pictures and videos don't do the seat justice. I didn't realise that you got such a good view of the luffield complex either!