Monday, 30 July 2007

Damon Hill to commentate at Hungary

Big big huge news: Damon Hill, easily the greatest driver ever to grace a Formula One cockpit in the entire history of motorsport, is to stand in for Martin Brundle at the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend.

This is a huge coup for the Hillites – that ever diminishing breed of F1 loyalists who, if you’re very very lucky, can occasionally be spotted lingering around the grandstands at Silverstone donning the London rowing boat club hat in all its glory and clinging onto that magical year of 1996 as if it was the Holy Grail itself.

Fantastic news, absolutely incredible, it’s made my week. I heard the news HERE at F1 Fanatic and have yet to learn of any official confirmation. Let’s hope it’s true.

Martin Brundle is taking his annual rest bite from James Allen. Speculation about his absence can be seen at F1 Fanatic, see above link.

Hungary has been a happy hunting ground for Damon. He took his maiden win at the Budapest dustbowl in 1993 which he emotionally dedicated to the “Hill Family past and present” in the post race press conference. He won the race again in 1995 and finished second to Jacques Villeneuve in 1996. And most famously in 1997 he all but won the race in the Arrows Yamaha but for a hydraulics problem with two laps to go that forced him to yield to Villeneuve.

I couldn’t find any specific Hungary 1997 footage but here is a nice 1997 season montage which includes a large chunk of the Hungary saga.

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Boyce said...

Rest bite = respite? Haha

Hill was good though